Important Notice: Daeja ViewONE Users

Browsers Discontinue JAVA NPAPI Plugin Support

As you may have heard, Google Chrome no longer supports Java NPAPI plugins beginning September, 2015. This means that IBM customers running IBM Daeja ViewONE Standard or Professional within Google Chrome will no longer be able to use the Daeja viewer unless they change to a browser which continues to support Java NPAPI plugins. Likewise, Microsoft’s new browser for Windows 10, Microsoft Edge, will not support Java plugins and thus cannot run the Daeja ViewONE Standard or Professional viewers.

The other major browser teams including Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer have not explicitly articulated their plans to drop support for Java NPAPI plugins, but it has been widely speculated that they will follow Google’s lead and end support for Java plugins in the near future.

IBM Daeja ViewONE has been investing intensely in the development of the Daeja ViewONE Virtual viewer over the past year. We are proud to say that this HTML5 solution offers a zero-footprint rollout for new customers, supports online viewing on mobile devices, and no longer requires any Java plugins to deliver the secure collaboration experience that IBM Daeja ViewONE Professional has delivered in the past. In addition, customers using IBM Daeja ViewONE Virtual report that their support calls have decreased due to the removal of plug-in compatibility issues in their document viewing environment.

For those of you who are considering the Daeja ViewONE Virtual solution, IBM is now providing a free 90-day trial at

If your organization is currently leveraging Daeja ViewONE Standard or Professional and you would like to learn more about moving to the Daeja ViewONE Virtual solution, please reach out to us.



-DAS Team