DAS’ Top Ten List: Benefits of Upgrading to Datacap


This week, our Top Ten List is the Top 10 Benefits of Upgrading to Datacap 9.0

Datacap 9.0 was released in November of 2014, and it includes several features which offer a compelling reason to upgrade your Datacap environment. Here are some of the more useful enhancements that make Datacap 9.0 the best version yet: (Read this in your best David Letterman voice)

# 10 – Simplified deployment, training and additional Datacap workflow features!

DotScan and DotEdit are combined into a single application, Datacap Desktop. The new Desktop has an updated user interface and provides a Job Monitor, batch filtering, and a preview of the first image of each batch.


# 9 – Faster development and deployment of Datacap so you can start reaping the benefits sooner. The Datacap Navigator plug-in, a plug-in for IBM Content Navigator, provides a modern, thin-client interface. End-users can perform scanning and verification tasks, and admins can modify system parameters and quickly generate verification screens. Developers can leverage the extensible nature of IBM Content Navigator through Dojo to customize the product even further.

# 8 –Less time wasted debugging. Datacap Rules now can be inherited and automatically bound to the DCO eliminating extensive debugging when rules were not attached to the DCO properly.

# 7 – Less effort and faster application deployment. The Datacap Application Copy Tool improves and replaces the Database Copy Tool. This program allows for greater granularity of exactly what gets moved when promoting a Datacap application from one environment to another (Dev to QA, QA to Production). For example, you can now opt to clear the audit table in the Admin database and exclude the Users and Groups during the same migration.

# 6 – Reduced system maintenance and administration. The Admin, Engine, and Fingerprint schemas can now exist in the same database. While it was technically possible to do this in previous versions, (For those IBMers who read our blog, of course we would never have done that) it is now fully supported by IBM in Datacap 9.0.

# 5 – #1 – If these 5 reasons were compelling enough, we’re pretty sure the next 5 will have you making the move. Well of course you knew there was going to be a catch! You have to contact us to get other compelling reasons to make the switch. Our certified Datacap developers can help you with your Datacap upgrade or any other Datacap project you may have.



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