Digital Process Automation

Smart companies know that their digital transformation efforts require more than just wringing cost out of their existing back-office processes. They need integrated and automated end-to-end processes that don’t just serve the customer, but delights them. This shift begins with a digital process automation (DPA) platform that allows organizations to discover, automate and manage their business processes and business rules.

Model, change, monitor and optimize core business processes to enable business professionals to help improve your business processes.

Capture, automate and manage business rules to help increase the agility and consistency of business rules across your organization.


What is your organization not capitalizing on that you should be? Take a look:


Improve data insights

Understand the topic and sentiment across all customer interactions – voice, call, chat, etc.

 Exploit the power of analytics

Identify patterns from these customer interactions and operational data to identify actionable items.

Create smarter customer interactions

Trigger proactive outbound customer responses when certain patterns are identified.

Improve customer experience

Build a superior customer experience and improve customer loyalty and retention.

 Gain new insights

Slice and dice customer interactions data to analyze trend of topics and emotions.

 Improve data integration and analysis

Feed customer interaction data into your BI platform for combined analysis with CRM and Operational data.


Let DAS apply our almost 30 years of experience to help automate your organization’s business processes.


For more info, see the link below to IBM’s white-paper: