Meet Fred

Senior Solution Architect for DAS



Fred has over 30 years of Information Technology and Accounting experience, designing business solutions based on electronic forms and business process management products for 16+ years. His projects in industries include: Insurance, Retail, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Healthcare, and Government. He also has consulted and implemented content and records management processes for acquisitions and divestitures for several large enterprises.

-Years with DAS?
10 years

-How long have you been in the industry and how did you get into it?
I have been in the IT industry for over 30 years. I double majored in management information systems and accounting in college and after a brief stint as a CPA, went to work as a COBOL programmer in the defense industry. I got into the enterprise content management area 17 years ago when I joined an electronic forms software company with integrations to content management systems. When that company was purchased by FileNet about 12 years ago, I moved into the ECM space exclusively.

-How long have you been working with Filenet?
I have been working with FileNet systems for about 15 years, first as a third party solution provider to FileNet, then I worked for FileNet itself after the acquisition of the forms company before coming to DAS.

-What was the most challenging business problem that you have solved with Filenet in a recent customer engagement and how did you solve it?
I think the most challenging and interesting business problem I have solved with FileNet was for a port authority who needed to provide some of its customers detail backup with their invoices. The problem was that the detail transaction information was stored in a different system than where the invoice was generated. So the invoices that required detail backup had to be identified when printed, set aside for additional work, then manually matched up with the hard copy detail transaction information, stuffed in an envelope and then mailed. The process was labor intensive, time consuming and error prone – in fact, the business issue that created the momentum for the project was when one customer received detailed pricing information belonging to another, creating quite a headache.

We solved the problem by ingesting PDFs of the invoices and the detail transaction information into a FileNet Case Foundation workflow. Invoices that do not require backup are routed directly for delivery to the customer via their specified preferred delivery method – hard copy mail, email, fax, etc. Invoices that require detail backup are routed for the matching process, wait for the detail to be ingested, then combined with the detail and routed for delivery to the customer. Invoices are delivered to the customer days sooner with almost a zero error rate. Plus, the detail is automatically stored with the invoice for customer service and audit purposes.

-What is the one thing about Filenet and their solutions that customers take advantage of the least? (process automation, etc.)
Can I give a two part answer? Customers most certainly don’t take full advantage of the process automation features of FileNet. Just as importantly, though, customers do not take advantage of FileNet’s out of the box retention processes to ensure records are disposed of in a timely and appropriate manner.

-Name one key point where a recent DAS/Filenet customer and their solution took advantage of in providing a return on their investment? 

DAS recently completed a project migrating a large retail customer off two older ECM systems to IBM Production Imaging Edition and Content Manager OnDemand. The key was to use IBM Content Navigator to provide a seamless end user experience across both the FileNet and CMOD repositories, including cross repository search. This capability reduces end user level of effort and associated training.