February 10, 2017

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P8 Upgrades and Migrations – FileNet v5.1 End of Support (4/30/17)

End of support is quickly approaching for FileNet v5.1 and we want to make sure that your organization is ahead of the curve!



Since you’ve invested in P8 5.1, IBM has come out with significant enhancements to the platform that are featured in v5.2.x that will not only make the solution perform better, but will come with a completely updated user interface that will be sure to impress. Yes, Content Navigator is now included, so its an easy, straightforward decision.


Our proven methodology combined with our custom tools and our IBM FileNet Certified team, can upgrade your system quickly. As a result, your company can take advantage of the benefits of the latest FileNet P8 version and avoid being out of IBM support.


Some of the benefits to upgrading include:


  • Event driven disposal and subscriptions


  • Consolidation of the Content Engine and Process Engine 


  • Ability to install a patch or fix pack without application downtime


  • Single Java Platform Enterprise Edition engine for ECM services


  • IBM Content Navigator is now a bundled component


  • Automating and scheduling administration tasks


  • Managed social interaction


  • Integration with IBM Connections



To learn more about how upgrading will benefit your organization or to schedule your upgrade, reach out to us today.



Camden Weis

Director of Business Development