The Power of Datacap, the Convenience of Cloud

Your current IBM product in place, FileNet Capture, is nearing the end of its lifecycle. IBM acquired DataCap a few years ago and has integrated it into the rest of the product suite.


We are trying to get out ahead of it, by letting our customers know it may be wise to explore a new technology for capture and ingestion. Let us help you move from one to the other!


What’s new?


Using machine learning and natural language processing, Datacap Insight Edition classifies and extracts information from documents that have never been seen before


  • Examines the layout for clues about document type
  • Reads & analyzes the content
  • Draws conclusions & takes action
  • Understands and learns from new knowledge and provides feedback
  • Automates the capture, recognition, and classification of business documents across an organization
  • Provides multichannel capture by processing paper documents on scanners, mobile devices, multifunction peripherals (MFPs) or fax, and digital files like PDF, email, or Microsoft™ Office files that are created by users
  • Automates the identification and extraction of important information to lower costs and accelerate business processes




See how Datacap Insight Edition can be put to work for your firm to minimize costs and make sure your data is working smarter.






Camden Weis

Director of Business Development