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The History and Future of FileNet

FileNet is a software system that enables large organizations and government entities to efficiently store and display data. A banking example illustrates it well. The software that displays your banking statement inside your online bank account is FileNet. But there is so much more to it. Let’s explore how we got here and where we are going with FileNet.

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The Future of CMOD

CMOD has come a long way from the days when executives held that storage on Laser Discs were theoretically infinite. Today, CMOD’s compression remains best-in-class, saving clients billions of dollars in storage costs.

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Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Is Not Dead

Content and records management markets are still continuing to change rapidly. As a company that has specialized in this work for almost 30 years, we wanted to profile the ever-evolving ECM space, and why we expect it only to grow from here.

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